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The national Football League (NFL) are looking to hire a director to help focus on digital assets and NFT, after a recent job opening in their official website for the role of emerging products.

This vacancy opening in the NFL shows their interest in Blockchain to help with the many services the technology has to offer like the NFTs and digital assets and many more.

After a recent message sent across all teams in the NFL about their desire to venture into the Crypto space to help with the collection of their ticketing and collectible as reported by the chief media and business officer.

This move if adopted will not only boost the massive adoption across the globe but will serve as an opportunity for the Crypto space to form major partnership with other sport entities like the English Premier League and many. The league rated to be worth $16 billion along side her huge fan base after recording over 98 million fans in attendance at her annual super bowl event back in 2019 would no doubt bring a massive boost to the blockchain technology.

It could be recalled that the NBA stated their desire ahead of other leagues to launch the NBA top shot, to help connect with their fans via NBA NFTs, and also a means to provide more income for their different organizations.

The leagues desire to venture in the Crypto space has gotten many supports from the NFL players, back in 2020 Russell Okung, a Carolina Panthers quarterback converted his salary to Bitcoin and becoming the first sport athlete to accept salary in Bitcoin in sport history.
Rob Gronkowski reported to have sold over $1 million worth of NFTs collections of himself to the fans and also the Kansas City chiefs’ quarterback also sold over $3 million worth of NFTs.

The adoptions of the Cryptocurrency is already circulating around the league and this has given the league the chance to fully adopt the blockchain technology to help promote the League across the globe and add to their numerous financial income.

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