Banks in Argentina to Allow Crypto Trading

The two largest private banks in the South American country, Argentina, Banco Galicia, and Brubank, have agreed to allow their customers to trade crypto assets. They plan to allow customers purchase about four (4) cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, through their bank accounts. A poll was conducted for their customers. On Monday, May 2nd, about 60% of […]

Crypto Miners Not Bound By Tax Reporting Rules, Says US Treasury

The US Treasury has exempted crypto miners and wallet providers from reporting their income for tax purposes. According to the department, miners, stakers, and a few others will not be bound by IRS reporting rules, leaving only brokers (exchanges) under these rules. The US Treasury revealed this in a letter addressed to a group of […]

Russia Greenlights Crypto Adoption and Regulation

Russia is the latest country to throw its support behind cryptocurrency. According to a Tuesday report, both the Russian government and the country’s central bank have struck a consensus on cryptocurrency regulation. However, the report stated that the proposed regulation would have certain conditions attached. The Russian authorities will be drafting a law that recognizes […]

Is Russia Turning its Back on Crypto?

By LimbaGreat With stable electricity and equipping many persons in the Blockchain sector, Russia president Putin said the country would definitely have a great edge in the crypto space and mining-related activities. After looking to put a stop to every crypto-related activity in the country, the government of Russia just could be sending some rays […]

US SEC to Crack Down on Crypto Lending Services By Gemini and Celsius

The US SEC is reportedly moving to outlaw crypto lending products belonging to Celsius Network, Gemini, and Voyager Digital. According to a Bloomberg report, the move is informed by concerns over the high-yield offering provided by these exchanges, which is significantly higher than the interest most banks offer. The same report stated that the commission […]

OpenSea Exploit Leads to Discounted Sale of NFTs

The end to exploits on OpenSea seems to be nowhere in sight. According to a reppopular marketplace appears to have faced another exploit similar to one that happened in December 2021. Like the previous exploit, OpenSea NFT holders have reportedly lost millions of dollars after some tokens were sold automatically based on their previous listing […]

Gary Gensler Says SEC Eyeing Regulation of Crypto Exchanges in 2022

The US SEC will continue its regulatory efforts in 2022. During a virtual conference on Wednesday, Gary Gensler, Chairman of the commission, made this known. However, according to Gensler, the focus of the commission’s regulatory efforts will be cryptocurrency exchanges. Gary Gensler has always maintained that the cryptocurrency space requires regulations, the essence of which […]

Energy Crisis: Kosovo Police Confiscates Mining Rigs

Energy Crisis: Kosovo Police Confiscate Mining Rigs The Republic of Kosovo is the latest country to embark on a mining rigs confiscation spree. According to reports, a series of power outages has spurred its local police to clamp down on miners. As of January 8, over 300 mining rigs had been seized. Kosovo’s Minister for […]

El Salvador Goes Bitcoin Shopping, Buys 21 BTC

Central American country El Salvador seems to have developed a Bitcoin binge following several purchases of the asset since early September. Another purchase of 21 BTC— valued at $1.36 million— was made on Tuesday to celebrate the significance of the day. This joins the previous purchases which were made owing to the significance of each […]

Dogecoin and Ethereum Feature in Top 10 Keyword Searches for 2021

Dogecoin and Ethereum Feature in Top 10 Google Keyword Searches for 2021 Latest reports from search engine service Google indicate that Dogecoin and Ether are among the top 10 searches for 2021. Google issues an annual report detailing the most searched items globally on its platform. The list is divided into several groups such as […]