Trading The Bear Market

The market downtrend is nothing new to crypto enthusiasts and OGs, while newbies feels the heat and some are even shaken off the space. Everyone in the industry is currently going through a difficult time. The bear market is a period of downtrend in the space when supply exceed demand, thereby leading to decline in […]

Blockchain 101: Bitcoin; All You Need to Know

Popularly, Bitcoin is defined as a type of digital currency that does not rely on central authorities like banks or governments. Bitcoin, in contrast to other digital currencies, operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer internet network to validate transactions amongst users. The above definition does not do enough justice to the topic. Quite a number of […]

Ripple Experience Increase Growth Amidst SEC Lawsuit

Despite the SEC’s (Security and Exchange Commission) lawsuit against Ripple, demand for its XRP-based products continued to surge. Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse in an interview with Bloomberg disclosed that the company is experiencing record growth despite the SEC lawsuit alleging XRP, the native digital asset on the XRP Ledger, of being a security and limiting […]

The Central African Republic to Legalize Crypto Use

The Central African Republic (CAR) is reportedly trying to legalize the use of cryptocurrencies. The latest development comes on the heels of initial reports that it would adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. However, the central African country will only be regulating crypto usage, contrary to the adoption claims. The CAR’s Minister of Digital Economy, […]


That inner voice in your head that always makes you feel like shadowing a woman, giving her preferential treatments, denial of certain jobs or switching up her roles because she’s a WOMAN. That urge to quickly say no, act unfairly or oppose their contribution will be discussed today. The saying that behind every successful human […]

The State of Crypto Assets in Nigeria

Nigerians have consistently sought various means to regulate Bitcoin alongside other cryptocurrencies. Although it is Africa’s largest bitcoin market by trading volume, the nation has refused to answer the pending outcries and questions of the citizens, which are all pointed towards innovation. The digital age is recreating the modern operational environment. And this is channeling […]

A Walk-through on $Nexus Token

The CEO of Boundless Nexus Limited, Mr. Franklin Peters O., will be live on a special AMA edition themed PAN (Pick A Niche), where he will be discussing everything about the $Nexus token. $NEXUS Token $Nexus token is the native token that powers the BoundlessPay ecosystem. $Nexus token is tipped the next big thing to […]


For the massive adoption and increased user interface of the Blockchain and decentralized activities, BoundlessPay is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Forward Protocol. FORWARD PROTOCOL Forward Protocol is a Blockchain toolkit whose environment allows users to interact even with little or no knowledge of Blockchain technology. The smart contracts of Forward Protocol are built […]

World First NFTs Standard Initiative Approved by UN.

Permission has been given to the Chinese entertainment giant Tencent to lead a part-paving project to create a Standard Technical and Security Framework for Non-Fungible Token (NFTs). A report from the Chinese media post disclosed that the project is expected to complete an initial draft by the end of 2022, having the approval and backing […]