Chingari Raises $19 Million for its Crypto Token.

Chingari, a video sharing social media platform based in India, recently announced their preparation to launch their Blockchain and also look to create their social token. The platform just concluded their funding rounds generating well over $19M to expedite the launch of its mainnet, and also enhance the sales of its Gari token which is […]

 Gelato Raises $11M to Fund Web 3 Automation.

In a funding round led by dragon fly capital, Gelato, a smart contract automation Network, has raised up to $11 million dollars in the series A funding round. This makes the Network the latest to receive such amount of money from Crypto Venture capital behemoths. The funding round was done through a closed door token […]

NFTs Demystified

NFTs are the new wave in the art world and crypto space at large. People are investing so much into digital arts, contents, punks etc and selling them for so much more!, its crazy right? Just when we thought we had seen it all, Jack, the CEO of twitter sold his first tweet for $2.5 […]

The Potential Influence of Blockchain technology on the Health Sector

The idea of blockchain originated and was designed by a person (or group of people) using the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to serve as the Mass transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The Blockchain technology presents numerous opportunities to the health sector although still very much in its infant state but the application on […]

Salvadorans against Bitcoin Law

According to a recent survey, Salvadorans are not in support of the government’s decision to make bitcoin a legal tender in the country, many are clueless about what the digital currency is and have expressed their distrust in the project. There has been a lot of arguments concerning the controversial bitcoin law in El Salvador, […]

Understanding Smart Contracts

You might have heard the words Smart contracts, but still don’t understand what it means, here is what you need to know about Smart Contracts. What are Smart Contacts? Smart Contracts are simply programs stored on the Blockchain that are executed when certain conditions are met. It’s basically used to automate agreements without the involvement […]