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The issue of security cannot be overemphasized enough in the digital space as a slack on guard could lead to compromise. is experiencing a site compromise. In the early hour of Thursday, users took to Twitter to disclose the ordeal that the homepage of the site is displaying a dubious pop-up asking users to send Bitcoin to an address and receive double the amount in return. The address displayed on the site have received not less than 0.4 Bitcoin amounting to $17,000. Further reports have it that no other function of the site is working properly as it stands. is known for its educational resources as the site has been in existence since 2018. The site is an open initiative aimed at supporting the development of Bitcoin and promoting mass adoption.

These are ways and medium project owners, site and/or exchange(s) use in publicizing their project, promising a reward after carrying out task(s).

It is a means of sensitizing masses of a project and giving an incentive in return.
Through this means, masses have been given an opportunity to know more about the blockchain and partook in it.

It is not always rosy as promised, as many users fall victim to scams that promise giveaway in return.

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