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Boundless Experience on the Boundlesspay App

Boundlesspay is a secure digital mobile wallet that gives users the opportunity to be their own bank. With its pre-installed digital wallet and debit card functionalities it enables storing and spending of digital currencies boundlessly across the globe. It provides its users with the opportunity to access crypto loans, pay for utilities, save and invest in digital currencies all in the comfort of the secured app…

Disclosing in an unveiling statement by the CEO of Boundless Nexus Ltd, Mr. Franklin Peters O; “the app is birthed as a result of sorting for solutions to the many challenges of global remittance as life itself is filled with challenges, hence sending and receiving money to loved ones shouldn’t be part of it”.

The Boundlesspay app is fast, secure and seamless with a very easy to use interface. Giving its users one of a kind experience of not having to liquidate digital assets before being able to make urgent and necessary bill payment(s). It gives its users high security protection, provides portfolio management, Easy Trading and Borderless payment features.

Speaking of security measures put in place to ensure safety of funds, the Boundlesspay app is backed and secure by CYBAVO, an enterprise that deals with cryptocurrency and wallet management systems with a top notch protection level to secure digital assets.

The Boundlesspay team is made of experienced professionals who have worked on several successful projects and gained lots of experiences in the field, thereby bringing their wealth of experience to the team.

Boundlesspay is in partnership with the best in the world when it comes to blockchain technology, some of her Ecosystem partners include Aave, Binance, Celo, Solana, Threshold etc.

The CEO Mr. Franklin Peters further disclosed that the app is on its Beta testing, hence, Boundlesspay Nexus has put out a Bug Bounty of $2000 for its early users to give feedback on any issues encountered through filling a Bug Bounty form as such issues are inevitable since the app is still in its pilot stage

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