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That inner voice in your head that always makes you feel like shadowing a woman, giving her preferential treatments, denial of certain jobs or switching up her roles because she’s a WOMAN. That urge to quickly say no, act unfairly or oppose their contribution will be discussed today.

The saying that behind every successful human is a great woman can not be overruled. It’s proven that for a good number of years, women have been a support and root system to so many generations through leadership, nurturing intuition and approach towards things.

A lot of Bias have been on the female gender for some number of years, hence, the need to Break The Bias, straigthen the patterns, destroy stereotypes and discrimination on the gender and wholly acknowledge the role of women in the society is preached today.

The value women add to individuals, Communities and the society at large is continually changing the world and improving the future. Women nationwide have posed as great mentors, caregivers, guidance and partners in different areas of life. GrindEarn is inviting you to her pick a Niche (PAN) session where powerful women in the Blockchain space will be discussing the need and impact of Breaking the Bias and stereotypes will bring to our homes, workplaces, Communities and society at large.
The season is anchored to evaluate and project the culture that offers women opportunities to speak-up, be expressive, influence, and promote a more equitable environment, innovations and business minds of women around the globe.
In this session women are encouraged to keep throwing different possibilities and innovative ways.

Written by:

Precious Otumawen.

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