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Cinema Operator AMC set to embraces Bitcoin Payment in 2022

American cinema operators aim to add bitcoin payments as part of their payment system for movie tickets for their viewers .

Adam Aron CEO announces his plan during a conference call meeting Aug 9 after quickly analysing their results and finances for second quarters of 2021, then look to make the necessary adjustments to allow cryptocurrency payment by 2022 for viewers .

AMC second quarter showed massive improvement from the last year resulting in over $444million for 2021 compared to last year second quarter which amounted to just $18 million also cutting losses from $561 millions to $349 million an estimated $5.38 per share to $0.71 per share.

With plans to accept bitcoin payments in place, AMC looks to expand their base across the globe by opening more centres in both US, Europe and the Middle East by the end of 2021.

Adam Aron who recently picked interest in Crypto assets after being elected into the board of centricus Acquisition Corp back in May after which Centricus acquired a blockchain company.
The recent results of AMC market stats for Q2 after almost going bankrupt back In 2020 after announcing their plans to close down some of her viewing centres due to the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic.

The price of Bitcoin has swung in recent times after dropping below $29,000 and then hitting $46,000 recently, this recent rebound of Bitcoin came amid the possibility of Cryptocurrency compromise will be included in the bipartisan Infrastructure plans. But the Senate failed to advance in the deal.

The shares of AMC rallied up more than 4% on the Monday chart, and also the stock rallied nearly 1,500% in 2021 after a band of traders who placed trades on their social media platform created a short squeeze in the shares.

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