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The new rules are said to be provided for the betterment of and security of its country’s investors.

The Financial Services Agency(FSA) in Japan, is reported to have begun negotiating and implementing tough rules and law around crypto related activities. Their sole aim of taking such a step is to protect and safeguard the funds of investors coming into the crypto space.

The agency(FSA) was reported to have set up a panel of experts which shall help the government of its country to control and monitor every digital and decentralized Financial activity. This panel of Experts shall also report to the government of japan on any new findings or discovery on Crypto and of course, the country’s bank digital currency plan.

In Japan today, these rules and stricter policy have been said to commence by the year 2022. The newly implemented rules are said to bring about stability and security to the crypto space. The panel of experts have also made it known that these rules will checkmate and devoid any sign of damage to the country’s technology Innovation.

Every crypto exchanges and platforms which allows for the trading and exchanging of crypts were advised to come up with newly improved ways which will allow the money of investors in the country to be safe. This according to a law which was put in place back at 2019 after a Japanese crypto exchange by the name Bit point, got hacked and a total of $30 million was said to have been loss from the act

The agency has also clearly stated that they are aware of the fact that stricter policies haven’t been implemented enough against the act of Money laundering and price volatility in the country.

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