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In Crypto, the bear season is one of those periods many investors and crypto enthusiasts do not always wish to last long. They always wish it ends as fast as possible so that the green candles can be seen again.

We are starting the week on the wrong side of the market. Crypto investors, traders, and believers are left with a huge scar and disbelief as every token in the blockchain has witnessed a sharp price decline. No token nor asset is spared from this act.

The reasons for the decline experienced in the markets are labeled as a result of a possible recession, increasingly high-interest rates, and inflation. Cause of these reasons, the father of all coins, Bitcoin, experienced its lowest lows since the 3rd quarter of 2020. Most Centralized Exchanges are preventing their users from withdrawing tokens from their wallets. Many projects in web3 space have been left no choice but to terminate the job offer of some of her staff. Floor prices for some non-fungible tokens (NFT) projects have been hit too.

Holding assets across the blockchain space has been seen to be the mantra for many crypto believers. Currently, there seems to be more selling than holding in the space as panic has set in, leaving long-term holders of assets with no other option than to sell at a loss.

Looking at the current market status, you’d see it is not just the crypto market that is hit by this downtrend in price. Every stock market is reported to be down as well. Investors are selling off,  creating fear, uncertainty, and doubt(FUD) in the mind of other holders and newbies in the space.

On Twitter, there have been several tweets that all point down to one thing. Many whales in the blockchain space are losing a large chunk of their worth. Long-term holders are selling off; technical analysts find it difficult to predict the market’s next move. Web3 projects are downsizing.

The one question on everyone’s mind is, ‘WHEN WILL THE NEXT BULL RUN BE?’

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