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Digital Asset CEO predict $1M dollar per Bitcoin by 2031


Mark Alfred, the CEO NYDIG just tweeted his price prediction for bitcoin in the next ten years and he believes that bitcoin will beyond the thousand landmarks and hit a million dollar in the next ten years.
On Tuesday , the CEO of the digital asset tweeted about the price prediction on his tweet handler to encourage bitcoin believers from across the globe to hold on to their precious Bitcoin.
NYDIG by January announced that the will be acquiring Digital asset data which provides high standards data and research platforms to deliver accredited information and understanding of digital asset to her costumer base for various professionals.
Many believes that Mark price prediction is a bit quixotic, by December 2020 Scott Minerd, Global chief investment officer for Guggenheim partners and also the chairman of Guggenheim investment also predicted bitcoin to be worth $400,000 in the next ten years.
Guggenheim investment is a global investment management firm with over $230 billion In asset across her fixed income. The mainly centre on the returns and risk needs of major insurance firms and also cooperate with both public and private pension funds and help big investors to manage their investments.
When Bitcoin finally break free from the $20,000 hold, during an interview Scott miners urge all his investor to invest 10% of their total asset in Bitcoin and he also was asked if his Company have invested in Bitcoin and he clearly stated the sole interest of Guggenheim investment is Bitcoin but everything is tied to the Fed policy.
On February 2, when bitcoin hit an all time high of around $40,000 during an interview with cNN Scott Minerd said he believes Bitcoin would go beyond his former prediction and thinks it will go beyond $400,000 to around $600,000 with the high inflation increasing across the globe.

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  1. Am a bit skeptical about this prediction; though as an optimist and a believer of Blockchain technology I know anything is possible… But seeing to the duration of time at which this prediction points, hmmmmm 🤔

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