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Direct Deposit Gets the Nod From Coinbase to it’s Users

In the crypto space, new ideas, methods and processes to solving problems keep springing up. Crypto exchanges are always looking for new ways to solve a problem and this is the case of COINBASE as they will be putting out a feature which shall allow its users to get their paychecks deposited directly into their wallet account.

Coinbase, which is one of the largest and well known crypto exchanges in the world, is set to initiate a new feature into its system which shall allow users to receive their paycheck directly into their wallet account without any form of stress.

A statement made by the company’s senior product director, Prakash Hariramani via a blog, he said that their users will now get the option of receiving their work wages and salaries straight to their various wallets so the users and customers can be able to perform crypto related activity on the exchange without having to worry about costs or fees.

The director also said the major problem which this feature will be solving is the fact that most of the users find the regular process to be a killer of time and tag it to be inconvenient for them as well. As such, he further made it known that this system and new integration which will come on board fully shall give its users the opportunity to earn rewards in crypto too.

Coinbase has also hinted that there shall be more and more developed features coming out on its exchange in the months to come as they still continue to find solutions to the humans’ every day problem(s). “We have partnered and lias with a couple of Financial services firms which are US- Based to see to it that the direct deposit method for our user gets done and solves the problem, properly,”

Firms like Super rare Labs, M31 Capital, fortress group and Nansen have made this feature which will be introduced in the coming weeks possible for the crypto exchange Users.

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