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Dogecoin and Ethereum Feature in Top 10 Keyword Searches for 2021

Dogecoin and Ethereum Feature in Top 10 Google Keyword Searches for 2021

Latest reports from search engine service Google indicate that Dogecoin and Ether are among the top 10 searches for 2021. Google issues an annual report detailing the most searched items globally on its platform. The list is divided into several groups such as searches, news, people, games and many others.

In this year’s (2021) list, meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin ranked as the fourth-most popular keyword search on Google in the US and around the world. The keyword, ‘Ethereum Price’ was the 10th most-searched news item, among other queries like COVID-19 vaccine, Afghanistan, GME Stock and AMC stock.

Surprisingly, Google’s 2020 search report did not feature any cryptocurrency despite being a period that exposed people to the alternative asset class as they sought to survive through  the pandemic. In this year’s list, Bitcoin was unmistakably absent, pointing to a shift in interest from the flagship cryptocurrency to altcoins, particularly meme coins.

Leading the meme coin category is Dogecoin, which gained considerable recognition this year, courtesy of Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. Dogecoin featured in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market valuation this year. However, the meme cryptocurrency has dropped to the 11th position in the wake of a massive decline in its price.

Yet, Dogecoin is up by almost 5,100% in the last year, compared to the 632% increase in Ether’s price.

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