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Dogecoin spike as Elon Musk tweets Crypto Meme

The price of Dogecoin spiked just 2%, hitting a 24-hour high of $ 0.167 after Tesla CEO tweeted a crypto meme inspired by Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie, Interstellar.

The meme, which features two astronauts in space with a writeup “1 hour here is seven years on Earth,” basically illustrates the instances of extreme gravitational time dilation.

The time dilation concept centers around the cryptocurrency community because of the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Dogecoin made many millionaires last year after rising by more than 19,000% in less than three months. However, it is currently down by 77% from its ATH.

The volatile nature of crypto also leads to constant periodic change, with people choosing to be bullish or bearish over a significant move in a certain direction.

Elon Musk constantly tweets about the meme coin, which led to the massive price pump. He’s also helping the public gain trust in the meme coin again after enabling it as a means of payment for some of Tesla’s products.

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