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Dominic Williams Beckons on Blockchain Creators to get involved in Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a London based internet content service provider, that provides creators opportunity to earn money from users who subscribe to their content, and operates on pay-per-view feature.

In a statement issued by Dominic Williams the founder of DFINITY; has implored the Blockchain Creators to get involved and tap from the many unmined opportunities in Onlyfans.

Sometime this year, the onlyfans space and creators witnessed a backlash and withdrawal of support from so many financial institutions which allow for users of the application to receive tips and money from their fans and lovers of their work.

It is believed that the onlyfans community is big enough already for them to continue to rely on the old financial institution systems. DOMINIC WILLIAMS have said that, the network and wide reach of the onlyfans space is big enough already for them to begin considering creating a blockchain based technology for it.

Dominic Williams further said that he expects the blockchain community and believers of the crypto movement to initiate and introduce the use of crypto as a means of payment for the users of the app. After the threat witnessed by the creators from financial institutions which is supporting and making it possible for onlyfans users to receive money and tips through the app.

Financial institutions like JP Morgan chase, Bank of New York Mellon, metro Bank all issues a directive to onlyfans two months ago(August) to ban the upload of sexual contents on the app as their reasons for such directive is, ‘it is believed that the partnership of these various banks with onlyfans is denting and tarnishing th good name they(the financial institutions) have’. This was reported to Financial times by the CEO of Onlyfans as the reason which was given to them by the banks and as such, they have no right to refuse or ignore such

This is one of the many reasons the Founder of DFINITY, Dominic Williams have beckoned on the blockchain creators to get involved and tap from this unmined opportunity.

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