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Ethereum Boom; As $395k Worth of ETH Burnt Per Hour after London Upgrade


Over 2 eth burnt every minute to reduce the transaction fees system instigated by the London upgrade, the London upgrade introducing the EIP-1559 to reduce gas fees.

Part of upgrade system mechanism that burns some of the base fees received, an estimated 3,954 eth been burnt so far allowing an estimated 2.36 eth worth $6,597 per minutes to be burnt amounting to $395k worth per hour.

Total cash estimated to have gone into the smoke amounting to over $9 million, Open Sea NFT top marketplace tops the list of Eth burners with over 370 eth been burnt so far amounting to $1 million been destroyed for the sole purpose of the upgrade.

Uniswap 2 comes second after burning over 263Eth amounting to over $735,000, according to reports Hayden Adam’s, Uniswap CEO commented and hopes the protocol could burnt over 350,000 worth of Eth amounting to $1 billion as time goes by.

The sole aim of EIP-1559 is to make transactions fee much predictable by her users and also help to handle more transactions per second, thus upgrade will ensure the transparency will help to increase the use of the decentralized applications.

This experience hope to make Ethereum a deflationary asset, the issue of high gas fees as always been a problem for many developers over the years with Ethereum been the heartbeat of blockchain revolution and many projected under the Ethereum model face the problem of high gas fees but hope this upgrade will fix it.

Many developers hope this new mechanism will bring to the network price upgrade and stability, fix the problem many have faced over the years and many tops Ethereum base projects hope to immense with the new upgrade.

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