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For the massive adoption and increased user interface of the Blockchain and decentralized activities, BoundlessPay is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Forward Protocol.

Forward Protocol is a Blockchain toolkit whose environment allows users to interact even with little or no knowledge of Blockchain technology. The smart contracts of Forward Protocol are built to allow leverage on-chain data, cut cost, motivate and reward particular outcomes while enabling Blockchain operability. The Forward wallet connects users’ IDs and allows users to fund, store, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies.

Boundlesspay is an all-in-one mobile wallet, a platform that solves the problems of Decentralised Finance and global remittance problems, provides a mobile app that helps individuals, firms, businesses, and business owners create, store, manage and transfer fiat/ Cryptocurrencies using the BoundlessPay mobile app.

In a recent tweet, Forward Protocol and BoundlessPay announced their excitement towards her partnership and remarked on how thrilled they are with her partnership that will allow every Forward Protocol user to turn their phone into a mobile bank.
The future of the decentralized economy has moved a step further with Forward Protocol ensuring you perform crypto transactions borderless with Boundlesspay mobile App, pre-installed wallet, and debit card for easy and faster transactions at little or no gas fees.

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