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The trends are moving speedily, Crypto currencies transactions and projects are making waves in the world today.
While most countries are still seeking for ways to abolish or regulate it practices, individuals, companies, firms and countries are adopting and practicing this new system in their economy and daily lives.
Payments in most firms and organization are now made in Crypto currencies, and it is no doubt a fast means of transactions.

In recent times, lots of jobs, projects and creatives has emerged as a result of the diligence and involvement in the Blockchain, ranging from appreciation of arts, creation of games and other digital facilities, building and development of tech companies, websites, apps and promotion of contents not disregarding the ease and security in sending and receiving monies and digital assets anonymously across nations and within.

In January 2022, Francis Ngannou a UFC heavyweight champion tweeted that he believes Bitcoin can empower people everywhere.
He further stated how pleased he was to announce his partnership with Cashapp.
The Champion revealed that he will take $300 thousand worth of Bitcoin from his purse stating that he wants to make Bitcoin more accessible to his fans and would be giving out $300k worth of BTC.

Lots of patriotic people over the years have been giving donations, giveaways, enlightening and empowering people to actively participate in Crypto exchanges and the Blockchain Technology.
Indeed, Crypto is the Future.

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