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Hacker demands ransom payment in Bitcoin from T-mobile

T-Mobile, a telecom giant based in the US, are investigating a supposed hack that might have compromised the data of well over 100 million customers. Which has put a lot of questions in the lips of her numerous users which are not comfortable over the alleged news.

Investigating the data breached by a hacker who claimed to have gained access to their  server and stole  over 100 million customers from their servers and the hacker is demanding a ransom of 6 Bitcoin amounting  to over $287,000 and in exchange of 30% of the stolen data.

The motherboard decoded samples of the possible stolen data which included vital information of the customer social security number, driver license house addresses and many other pieces of information and many more which can be used to track or access private information of their customers and also access their financial accounts.

The alleged  hackers during a private conversation with the telecom giant, revealed to be already selling some of the data to some black market buyers and stated his desire to let 30 million social security number and driver license go if the ransom demanded is paid in Bitcoin.

Telecom giant back in Feb was a victim to a cyber attack which led to being sued by an angry victim who happened to be a customer with the telecom giant who lost over $450,000 worth of  BTC on a sim swap attack.

T-Mobile spokesman claimed that the company is “aware of claims made in an underground forum” and is “actively investigating their authenticity” also adding: “We do not have any additional information to share at this time.”

The sim swap attack allowed the hackers to gain access to their financial accounts which allowed the hackers to get information via calls and text messages on the two factors authentication code.

T-Mobile was also sued back in July 2020 by a crypto firm over a series of SIM-swaps attacks which resulted in the loss of $8.7 million worth of crypto assets.

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