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YouTube gaming looses her global managing director Ryan Wyatt, who announced leaving the YouTube games to Blockchain technologies.

In his recent tweet, Ryan shared gratitude expressing his satisfaction with the YouTube team, in his words he stated that ” it is bittersweet news to announce that he will be leaving the YouTube gaming to focus more on building the polygon ecosystem” as he accepted to become the new CEO of Polygon Matic.

While revealing that he will miss YouTube gaming, the new CEO is strategizing means to boost and promote the Blockchain app development, bridge web 2.0 and web 3.0, enhance investments, marketing, developer supporters and the developer ecosystem.
He said his plan for polygon studios will broaden and groom opportunities in sport, games, news, fashion, entertainment among many others.

Ryan Wyatt passion for Blockchain technologies led to his promises to ensure that the Crypto ecosystem becomes a better place providing solutions that would promote infrastructure that are larger, faster and cheaper for Crypto transactions and help reduce the load on Ethereum Blockchain since it allows projects and smart contracts to be built on it similarly to etherium Blockchain.

The bitter news is that he will no longer be the head of the YouTube games but moving into the depths of Crypto ecosystem, the polygon matic which poses as a secondary or side chain of the Ethereum Blockchain spills so much sweetness to the announcement made by Ryan to resume the position of the Polygon studios.

Since 2021, Polygon Matic had been on a bearish correction but hopefully the gaming futures, NFTs and Decentralized technology will improve and update the Blockchain.
There’s still so much to look out for as we welcome Ryan Wyatt as the new CEO for Polygon studio.

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