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While the crypto market and other stock markets continue to decline, El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, offers a clear message to crypto investors.

After assisting his country, El Salvador, in adopting Bitcoin in September of last year, when it was still selling at around $49,000, Following their purchase of bitcoin, the country has seen a significant return on investment. During the 2021 bull run, the digital asset reached a high of $69,000, allowing the country to fund a large number of infrastructure development projects.

The president has decided to convey a message of positivity and support to everyone who has put their money into Bitcoin, according to his tweets.

This tweet, which elicited varied reactions from his followers, clearly recommended individuals to take a break from the charts for the time being and focus on themselves and their health. Assuring investors that the bull market will return, but this time it will be even bigger than before.

Though the President’s message is clear, a few members of the community and country have responded by pointing out that the country purchased large amounts of her Bitcoin(BTC) at a very high price compared to the current market price of the commodity. Non-believers have remained hopeful and optimistic that the crypto currency bitcoin will eventually see its end, but traders believe otherwise, claiming to have detected a reversal place in the BTC chart.

El Salvador’s Finance Minister has replied to charges that the country’s investment in the digital asset has resulted in a $40 million loss. Alejandro Zelaya has dismissed similar claims, claiming that no such loss of funds has occurred since El Salvador approved Bitcoin as a legal tender.

As we continue to read, analyse, dissect and forecast the Crypto currency charts and other stock markets, we are advised to also take breaks, relax, eat good and go about with other activities that are unrelated to crypto. – President Nayib Bukele


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