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Protesters Demolish BTC ATM in El Salvador

The protest against legalizing Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador continues after the Bitcoin law which became official on September 7, the protest witnessed the destruction of many crypto kiosks and businesses in the country.

A video uploaded on twitter by a news outlet Teleprensa showed a Chivo-supported kiosk in San Salvador burning amid a crowd of journalists and protesters on Wednesday. The Bitcoin (BTC) machine, one of many arranged by the El Salvador government since its acceptance of the cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country.

The city pulled out their workers after receiving numerous threats at the time of the reported incident in San Salvador. The damage carried out by the protesters seems to be limited to just the Bitcoin ATM at the Plaza Gerardo Barriso located at the heart of the city.

El Salvador has faced resistance since the Bitcoin law was announced by the legislators, led by a rebellion group who call themselves the Rebellion Block. They marched in the capital city streets back in July, while a group of rebels including retirees, veterans, disability pensioners and other workers converged led by the rebellion block intels.

The Chivok kiosks destroyed by the protesters happens to be one of the over 200 working Chivo kiosks in the country, the El Salvador President plans to install the crypto ATM in every part of the country. But he also claims the use of bitcoin will not be compulsory in the country; no one will be forced to use Bitcoin.

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