Chinese crypto Mines Clampdown

The Saga of Chinese Crypto Mines Clampdown The rising number of Chinese Crypto mining crackdowns pose no little but a fearsome threat to Digital currency. Mounting the sporadic list of the crypto mines crackdown in China are three more mining hubs; Henan, Gansu and Anhui Province.In May 2021, the Chinese Central Government moved for a […]

TSB Bank Plans to Ban Cryptocurrency Purchases Due to Increasing Fraud Numbers: Report

TSB, a British bank, is planning to ban cryptocurrency purchases due to fraud concerns. The company reported an alarming number of fraudulent transactions on cryptocurrency purchases. Reportedly, transactions involving Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange behemoth, are involved in two-thirds of these fraud reports. A Binance representative denies these claims and said the exchange deals with complaints […]

Bearish or Bullish? Bitcoin Traders Argue Over Death Cross Outcome

On Saturday, cryptocurrency analysts and traders have been discussing bitcoin’s recent chart patterns and the infamous death cross pattern has been a topical conversation. A number of traders believe when bitcoin’s short-term moving average (MA) dips below the long-term MA, the crypto asset could be bracing for a major sell-off. Meanwhile, others are sure the […]