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Trading The Bear Market

The market downtrend is nothing new to crypto enthusiasts and OGs, while newbies feels the heat and some are even shaken off the space. Everyone in the industry is currently going through a difficult time.

The bear market is a period of downtrend in the space when supply exceed demand, thereby leading to decline in price of asset as a result of low confidence. It is believed that the crypto market is going through a period of adjustment. Winter has arrived and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Despite the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) amidst the volatility of assets, there is still room for making profits and cashing out from the market as futures traders and scalpers who understands the market are riding on the wave.

Considering that most coins and token are on/or close to an all-time low, this presents cryptocurrency investors an opportunity to buy at a discounted price, which might result to high dividends when the market cycle reverts.


Before investing in any project(s), proper research is advised, putting into consideration project’s use-cases, community, and DCA as we chase for the bull.

Use-case refers to what/the purpose the coin serves. Having in mind what use-case a coin/token has before investing in it is of great importance as use-cases goes a long way in sustaining the project after all initial hype might had cool off.

The place of community in a project cannot be overemphasized, as experiences has shown its importance in the drive of project to its all time high and how swiftly a project with strong community bounce back even after a sudden downtrend.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) is an investment strategy whereby an investor periodically acquires a said asset in a spread period of time to avoid an awful outcome.

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