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Twitter Commence Bitcoin Payment on its App

Innovations and creativity is on the rise as the crypto space is witnessing mass adoption. Partnerships and incorporation of Crypto into our daily activities is still on and on the rise. The recent one is the fact that creators and users of Twitter can now send and receive bitcoin on the app.

As from now onwards, Creatives, users, content creators, business owners and even the normal users of the app, ‘TWITTER’ , will now be able to make Crypto related transactions through their profile and Twitter page seamlessly.

According to the reports from the company through a call made to the press, they are said to be convinced that Bitcoin is really the way ahead. That this idea of adopting and integrating bitcoin services into the app is a part of their own Way to spread the Gospel on the decentralisation of the crypto currency World.

The Move and operations of this services shall come in two ways;
The users get to receive their crypto through a cash app and a Go fund me.
A lightning network which is known as ‘Strike’. This will allow for a speedy transaction and shall attract a lower fee for every transaction carried out.

The company has also made it known to us through its Channels that this new initiative it is rolling out, shall first be enjoyed and carried out by IOS device users while also stating that the Android device users will be able to come on board this movement at a future time.


Twitter has dished out so many tweets and links relating to this on their app. They have done this so their users can get familiar and also be on the know of how to perform and carry out this marvellous and very creative initiative implemented by twitter. These links and tweets will help the common user and the less informed crypto person, to see and understand how it works.

“We want to be able to support Creators, Owners of arts and paints with Distinctive trademark and signatures on their art,” according to the Executive, Esther Crawford, there are plans to incorporate the NFT into their app and therefore, allow for creators to get paid for the works published.

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  1. This will also spread the gospel decentralization to thousands of people who are not aware of cryptocurrency.🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀.

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