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Ukraine Highlights Paths for Bitcoin Adoption

Ukraine has stated in a strategic meeting on the path to Bitcoin adoption in the nation.
The paths will include nuclear power for mining Bitcoin and also holding Bitcoin as a state reserved asset.

Few days ago, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a bill to legitimize the use of Bitcoin in the country. The bill, which was drafted back in 2020, after winning the majority of the votes in the parliament with just six legislators voting against it.

Ukraine proposes a need to adopt Bitcoin which will it suit perfectly due to the current dissatisfaction in the country’s monetary system.

Ukraine has a variety of energy sources that will attract miners. The country will solely be reliant on their nuclear energy. Ukraine reportedly has over 10 nuclear reactors generating more than half of their electricity.

The Nuclear power strategy to mine will be a wonderful strategy for easy adoption. Russia has been supplying Ukraine most of their nuclear power and fuel.

The Ukrainian President and the El Salvador President are both ambitious leaders of young nations with the desire to change their nation’s economy.

Rumors are spreading on the extent to which both presidents have been in contact with each other over their recent interest in the adoption of Bitcoin.

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